Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Blog

I decided to start a new blog for Clark and I. I made it private though. You can email me and I'll send you an invite:

Saturday, April 24, 2010

NBA Playoffs: Bulls vs Cavs

Clark got us tickets to the game. It was way fun and a really good game. The bulls actually won, 108-105

A typical Saturday in Chicago

First, we catch the red line down to Wrigleyville. Of course there had to be a cubs game this Saturday. People were completely wasted and going crazy (I guess they won). I wish I had a video camera with me to film all the things going on out on the streets. 85% of the people were bleach blond girls with tight, tight cubs jerseys. So funny

Then we walked around for a bit before meeting up with some friends for dinner. Wings & sandwiches. Delicious. This restaurant was actually on tv: Man vs Food. We decided to check it out. The wings were great, the sandwich just ok.

After dinner, we head to the concert. The band's name is OK Go. Clark really likes them, so I've heard a few of their songs. The concert was way fun and probably one of the cleanest concerts I had ever been to. There were definitely drunks, but no one got out of control. The only weird thing was the 50 some year olds standing right next to us. It was kind of awkward. The man just stood there the whole time, but the wife definitely was singing along with the band. I hope I'm like that when I'm 50 (forcing my husband to go to a rock band concert with me) There was even talk about Mormons (the band just did a show in SLC. They talked mostly about polygamy though)

We used the money mom gave us for Christmas to help pay for the night! Thanks MOM!!

One Crazy, Busy Week

Monday: Thank-a-thon for Clark's school. Thanking people for donating money to Northwestern. I love when I volunteer: I get free food and a $20 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble. You can't beat that

Tuesday: Can't remember :)

Wednesday: White Sox game (I forgot my camera)

Thursday: Bulls Game

Friday: Variety show
Blogger is not letting me upload my video right now. Clark did a magic trick and I convinced him to do a musical cup routine with me.

Saturday: Engagement photos

Sunday, March 28, 2010


I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! I couldn't be happier. Clark and I have been best friends for a good 2 1/2 years now and we've decided to take the next step. June 26th (yep - this year and in 3 months)

The Story: While doing an internship last year in MN, I met some awesome girls I have become really good friends with. We decided we needed to do a girls weekend. I flew down to MN on a Friday night. It turned out to be my nephew's baptism (pics to come, I hope). On Saturday, we left the house around 7:30am. The girls had a church bball game. We came home and had Katie's delicious pb&cc pancakes (I crave them all the time!). It was about 11:00am and they said we needed to go out and have some fun. They packed the car full of so much stuff, like they were going on a road trip or something.
We left the house and went rock climbing and swimming at Lifetime. We showered at the gym and headed off to get pedicures. Well the stupid place messed everything up, so that plan was blown. We decided to stop by a ring shop and just take a look. Clark and I had been talking about going shopping and picking something, so I decided to get an early start. Well, conveniently there was bridal shop next store, so we went in. I borrowed my friends wedding ring to make it look more legit and to think that I was actually engaged. I made up a day of June 5th and you should have seen the face of these workers. Their eyes quickly looked down at my stomach, paused and then looked back up. Katie than turns to me and whispers, "They totally think it is a shotgun wedding." Yep the whole time she thought I was pregnant :)
I found a dress I kind of liked, so I called up my mom who happened to be in town because of the baptism. I wanted her to be able to see it. I told her I was wedding dress shopping with my friends and found something I liked. She then asked, "Are you engaged?!?!" I of course re-assured her no, no, Clark hasn't even asked Dad yet. It will probably happen in the next couple of weeks though. I wanted her to come that night, but my friends said no, they were starving and needed to get some food. The store didn't open until noon the next day. I was driving back to WI with a friend and I had to catch a bus in Milwaukee at 5pm to make it back to Chicago. I knew noon was not going to work, but my friends re-assured me that it didn't take that long to drive in WI and we'd be fine.
So we hopped in the car and drove back to Katie's house. We parked in her garage and was walking into her house when I noticed a few different things from when we left it that morning. It smelt delicious for one, but there was now syrup on her counter. I picked it up and turned to Katie and said, "What is going on. I know you don't have syrup in your house because we ate pancakes this morning and you don't like syrup." Katie and KJ kind of talked back and forth, and I said, "Are we in your house, I'm so confused. " I set the syrup down and turned around and saw candles on the table and a dozen yellow flowers (fav color). I made a puzzled look and than Clark came around from the corner. I think I kind of squeeled in delight (I had really been missing him the day before).
He came up and hugged me and I was still in shock. While we embraced my friends waved good-bye and headed out. Clark then pulled out a ring box, and got down on one knee. He was shaking so bad! He asked me three questions, in which I replied yes to all of them. "Do you love the Lord? Do you respect the priesthood? Will you marry me?" It was awesome and so surreal. He made me my favorite food, french toast and had chocolate milk (also one of my all time favorite things). After dinner he had me open a few gifts: snuggie (yep, we joke about it all time) and a relationship journal. We then watched my favorite movie, Money Pit. My friends came back later that night and we celebrated with gelato and sparking cider.
I married the man of my dreams. It's been a long journey in our relationship with a lot of ups and downs. We both have had to be very patient (him probably more than me). But we've become stronger through it all and I can say with out a doubt that I'm so excited to be sealed for time and all eternity to him!! I really am the luckiest girl in the world. He's faithful, he puts me first in his life, he works so hard, and is the kindest, most loving guy I have ever met. I guess I'm in love :)
To see another side to the story, visit

Dear Weatherman,

I'm not liking the snow any more. I would like to see the sun, please. It is almost April and I would like to see the sun at least once please!!!

Homemaking 101

Clark and I invited another couple over for dinner after church a few Sundays ago. Since it was St. Patricks Day, we decided we would have cornbeef and cabbage. Yep, never cooked that before and I was terrified. Trying things with Clark is fine, but trying with other people is a little scary. Having a crock pot would have been very helpful. But it turned out really good surprisingly. I'm so proud of myself :) I was supposed to have a before and after picture, but I forgot.

Restaurant Week

Wow, I haven't blogged in FOREVER!! Probably more than a month ago now, Chicago was having restaurant week: all the expensive, really nice restaurants were cheaper and more affordable for us poor people. We went to Nine. The best steak I ever eaten hands down, it was awesome. The meal started out with lobster soup (so good!), steak and for dessert, cotton candy (yep, I loved it and ate it all too)

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chicago Subways

I am a frequent rider of the Blue Line subway here in Chicago. I have met some extremely interesting people to say the least. Ther are often performers, showcasing a number of different talents. Some are good, while others are not...but one day while I was heading to Clark's apartment, I stepped out of the train to witness the most spectacular person yet in this particular subway station. A gal was tap dancing, playing the guitar AND the violin. Now you may ask how that is possible, I think only she will ever know. She had the perfect set-up: high volume of people, microphone plugged in, tap shoes on, guitar in place, and a violin strapped somehow to her sholder. Amazing I tell you! I hope she got a lot of money...

Chicago Eathquake

Apparently there was an earthquake near Dekalb (yep, I served there!) of a magnitude of 4.3 (what that means, I have no idea, but there wasn't much, if any damage) on February 10th. The next day while I was driving to work, there were a homeless man holding a sign that read: Help Earthquake Survivor Victim. So funny, I about died laughing. If only I had a camera, I would have taken a picture of him. I wonder if he got any money???

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No More...

No more crazy kids in my back seat.
No more crying.
No more driving around town with empty carseats in the back.
No more Clone Wars. (yes!)
No more boots on my care worth $115.
No more kids kicking my seat.
No more sleeping in...
WHY?!?! Because I got a job!!! I am so unbelievably greatful to have finally found a full time job that has benefits and a 401K (after 90 days of course). It's close to where I live, great hours, very low stress job (terribly boring at times though), and free parking downtown. Life can't get better than this.
I work for a company called Orbit Medical. We sell medical equipment; i.e. wheelchairs, oxygen, canes, walkers...what ever DME you need, we've got it

Catch-up Post

Clark and I celebrating that I got a job!!!

Rock Band with some friends. So fun, I love this game!

Hatian Food with Evens. Pretty tasty. He's eating a fish head, rather disgusting looking, but the spices are really good.

3 in 1 Haitain Birthday Party

It was my two roommates birthday and another awesome girl in the ward's in January, so we decided to throw a bday party for all of them. Then, the Haiti earthquake happened, so we turned it into a fundraiser party as well. If you donated money, we had a raffel. There was lots of random prizes (pig catapult, dozen cookies for 3 months, picture frame...). We ended up raising $208!!! The night was lots of fun and was for a good cause too. There's a guy in the ward who is from Haiti, thankfully his family is okay, just a little beaten up and bruised. I walked away with free movie passes. Clark and I went and saw The Lovely Bones, do not recommend it, super weird and disturbing.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Carrot Cake is so Yummy

Free Day at the Aquarium

Chicago has lots of days where different museums are free. I went to the aquarium one day and came across this amazing sea horse. No idea what it is called, but it is so cool to me

Knee Surgery

Knee surgery was a success, hopefully I won't have to do this again for a long, LONG time

Christmas in a Nut Shell

Looks like we had a lot of fun, sad everyone else missed it!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Great Website

My friend told me about, it's a lot like pandura except you get to pick your playlist and what songs you want to listen too, I love it!